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Empower financial institutions’ digital transformation by tokenizing real-world assets

At ABT, we revolutionize the way real-world assets are accessed, traded, and invested in. Our cutting-edge blockchain technology enables the tokenization of real-world assets, creating new opportunities for investors, asset owners, and the global economy.

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GF Securities (Hong Kong) Leads Digitization by Launching Tokenized Bond Using ABT's Advanced RWA Tokenization Platform

GF Securities (Hong Kong) achieves an inflictive milestone by successfully issuing fully digitized bonds, becoming one of the pioneering financial institutions to tokenize traditional financial assets in Hong Kong. This innovative product, empowered by ABT Tech Limited (ABT)'s advanced Real World Asset Tokenization Platform marks the key milestone of the first non-custodial wallet institutional tokenization use-case on a public blockchain in the global financial hub.

BEOSIN Safeguards Financial Innovation: Leading Smart Contract Audit Enhances GF Securities (HK)'s SFC-compliant Tokenized Bond on ABT’s Platform

BEOSIN TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD., a leading provider of blockchain security solutions, proudly announces a ground-breaking achievement by its client, GF Securities (Hong Kong), a distinguished financial institution. This momentous occasion marks GF Securities (Hong Kong) as the first major Chinese brokerage financial institution to mint, issue and distribute self-created financial assets. Moreover, this achievement signifies a key milestone — the first non-custodial wallet institutional tokenization use-case on a public blockchain in Hong Kong, powered by ABT Tech Limited's proprietary "Public Permissioned System".

ABT: Your Tokenization Partner for Real World Assets (RWA)

As the leader in town for RWA Tokenization, we empower asset owners to unlock liquidity and value. As a registered Market Maker on CME and EUREX, our affiliate team provides liquidity for Securities Tokens and Asset Backed Tokens like Gold. Proven Success: Our Track record speaks volumes:

About us

At ABT, we are a team of passionate math PhD’s, technologists, finance experts, and legal professionals dedicated to transforming the real-world asset industry. With our deep understanding of blockchain technology, we empower asset owners to unlock the liquidity and value of their assets through tokenization. Our track record of successful projects and partnerships speaks to our commitment to innovation, trust, security, flexibility and transparency.


Modular Architect

Involves Issuance, Transfer, Cap-Table Management Tool, Client Portfolio Management System, and regulatory compliant Wallet Solutions in order to cater to customised needs.


Regulator Compliant

Enables clients to achieve a notable achievement in adhering to the latest regulations and leveraging blockchain technology for ABT. ABT conducted the inaugural Securities Token Offering (STO), aligning seamlessly with the latest Securities Token regulatory framework set by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).


Liquidity Provider

Being a registered Market Maker of CME and EUREX, ABT’s affiliate team offers Liquidity Providing capability in both traditional and digital exchanges, on both tokenized RWAs and their underlying assets, ranging from Securities Tokens to Commodities like Gold.

What is Tokenization?

Asset tokenization is when an issuer creates a digital token on a distributed ledger or blockchain. The token represents either digital or physical assets.

Migrating trillions of dollars of real-world value onto blockchain network

Tokenization makes the real world easy. Immutability and decentralised nature of DLT and blockchain technology helps in reserving ownership records. Once the assets are minted onto the blockchain, no single power is able to tamper or erase the ownership within the chain.

Enabling radically improved settlement through Tokenization

Tokenization involves replacing Legacy Settlement with Blockchain Settlement. This makes instant Deliver vs Payment possible so transparency and visibility increases between investor and issuer.

Mitigating effort under-provision in raising capital

Tokenization could change the way of raising capital. The return for equity investors relies on profit, while token investors’ return is contingent on transaction volume, a factor that is less influenced by effort.

What ABT does?

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to guide you through every step of the tokenization process. From asset evaluation and token issuance to investor onboarding and secondary market support, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific needs. Discover how tokenization can enhance liquidity, unlock fractional ownership, and open up global investment opportunities.

Case Studies

At ABT, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we have strategically partnered with leading financial institutions, legal firms, and technology providers. By leveraging the expertise and resources of our partners, we create a robust ecosystem that drives innovation and delivers exceptional value to our clients.

GoldZip App

Physical Gold-backed Token: GoldZip (XGZ)

Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE), Hong Kong
  • Being Issued in Singapore by GoldZip Pte. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of CGSE
  • Storing physical Gold in internationally renowned gold vaults highly trusted by the industry
  • Being Deployed on V Systems blockchain platform that brings several benefits (simpler tracking and transfer of physical gold ownership, higher speed, scalability and security, and lower transaction fee)
  • Use case:

  • Supply, trade and redeem real gold
  • Digital backed assets: Stable Coin
  • Collaterals: Loans, Loyalty Points

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One of the Pioneering and SFC-compliant Tokenized Bond Using ABT’s Advanced RWA Tokenization Platform

GuangFa Holdings, Hong Kong
  • Being the first non-custodial wallet institutional tokenization use-case on a public blockchain in HK
  • Riding on the integrated SFC-compliant feature, tokens could be securely stored in client’s wallet
  • Incorporating whitelist and blacklist functionalities further assist to strike the right balance between security and flexibility
  • Use case:

  • Mint new tokens
  • Update whitelist of tokens
  • Execute and monitor transfer of tokens and produce holding balances of managed tokens


First and Only Physical Gold-backed Token: GoldZip (XGZ)
Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE), Hong Kong
One of the Pioneering and SFC-compliant Tokenized Bond Using ABT’s Advanced RWA Tokenization Platform
GuangFa Holdings, Hong Kong
Tokenization of Funds, Stablecoins and other Real-World Assets
2024 - present

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